Our Business Technologies provide timely and reliable information, fastening your workload and improving communication and collaboration.

Initially we established as part of our mission to develop reliable and easy-to-use technologies. Our Research and Development efforts led us to create a new paradigm in the world of enterprise information systems. Instead of thinking about technology as the guiding principle, we focused on the operation; observing the daily tasks of users, identifying how technologies help improve their work and designing new flows that would maximise the use of these technologies. Organisations operate every minute of every day; therefore, technology should help operations flow.

LOVIS has created the most powerful, universal, flexible and advanced Business Technology: the Enterprise Operating System (EOS), which adapts to practically any combination of business and operating processes and its variations, via configuration and parameterisation, whether they are currently known or not to our team. The core resides in LOVIS EOS, the foundation of our Enterprise Operating System. Every time we find a new variation, or even a complete new process that will add value to our clients, we incorporate it to LOVIS EOS, allowing all our current clients, as well as our new ones, to benefit from these improvements. As our clients evolve, our technology evolves too, being always ready to fulfil their present and future requirements.

Our Business Technologies adapt in a few weeks to the varied requirements of each organisation without altering the enterprise application’s delicate internal balance. Our clients belong to over 27 industry sectors and governmental organisations, fulfilling the requirements of different countries, and supporting operations that range from tens of millions to billions of USD in annual revenue, with the exact same reliable enterprise application.

Our Business Technologies allow you to:

  • Align your operation to your strategy
  • Support your Business and Operating Processes
  • Operate On-Line and On-Real Time every day of the year
  • Get trustful business information when and where you need it
  • Effortlessly reach your goals and improve your organisation
  • Seize valuable time to innovate by eliminating multiple unnecessary efforts
  • Improve profitability, productivity and wellbeing for you and your team

In order to fulfil user needs, LOVIS EOS, in the Cloud since 2003, lets people do their tasks the way they normally work, due to its 24/7 at 99.96% full operating availability (during the last 12 calendar months), compared to 82% to 92% of on-premise ERP implementations. Transactional information is generated naturally and accounting is derived automatically, so our clients have up-to-date Financial Statements every morning, without heavy and unnecessary IT, Accounting or Data-warehousing processes.