Enterprise Operating System

In the origins are the endings. Most software manufacturers have designed their enterprise applications from the software engineering point of view, instead of centring their design process on the Client. This results in long, complex and expensive projects that do not reach the expected benefits.

After listening to the market, we decided to create a new paradigm in enterprise applications, where the Client is at the centre.

The first key decision was to create a completely finished enterprise-wide application, which adapts to every need of every client by configuring easy-to-use parameters. To achieve this, we observed thousands of users doing their every day work and documented which tasks were the same through every company, which were the variations and, most important, which ways of doing things really made the difference between one organisation and another.

With this valuable knowledge and a true systemic view, we created LOVIS EOS, the robust, integrated and reliable enterprise application required to fulfil the needs of every organisation, anywhere in the world. Very much like a high performance car allows you to adapt every possible variable to your driving needs and tastes, while keeping the highly advanced parameters fine tuned to the experts deep knowledge, LOVIS EOS adapts to every organisation’s business and operating needs while its advanced architecture and delicate internal balance remains finely tuned.

Once we created the technological foundation of the Enterprise Operating System, the second key decision was to develop a reliable methodology to implement it on time and on budget. With the same knowledge obtained through our client-centred analysis process, we mapped and documented all the Business and Operating Processes, including every possible variation. Afterwards, we created the tools necessary to streamline the implementation process of these processes and the technology that supports them. Finally, we structured a plan that can be led by our consultancy team and executed by your organisation to consistently initiate full operation in six months or less.

Then the third key decision became evident. Eleven years ago we realised that the natural way to go was taking care of the infrastructure, platform and services required to achieve and deliver the best performance out of LOVIS EOS. We pioneered in what we all now call The Cloud in order to deliver the best experience to our clients and users, thus LOVIS EOS was born.

Our Level Six Security and Tier IV Uptime Certified Data-Centres are amongst the best in the world. Today thousands of clients operate 24 hours seven days a week with Full Transactional availability of 99.96% per annum, from any device and place they might be. This way, our clients begin implementing their new Enterprise Operating System (EOS) from day one, without wasting time, money or energy.

Fulfilling our mission is the reason for our company to exist, and for us People are at the centre of what we do. The Human Development Division created a transformational Change Induction methodology that helps the individual and the organisation to release their full potential. Every Enterprise Operating System implementation project initiates with a BeLive seminar to prepare the state of mind of every person involved in the project, in order to facilitate new processes and technology assimilation and long-term adoption. We walk with your organisation through the implementation process, this way we help our clients to obtain more of the EOS benefits for a longer time.

EOS projects address the optimisation of the Business Processes, the implementation of the aligned Business Technology that supports them and the Development of the Persons that make things happen through a systemic approach that duplicates transactional productivity with a return over investment of two to one since the first year; moreover, this allows people to have time to innovate and live better lives, while the company grows.