Every person has its own Map of Life; this map is built with every experience we live and defines how we live our lives. There resides who we are.

From the moment we are born we perceive, process and store experiences. Some of these experiences have greater impact for the emotions they provoke and for the importance of the source, so we strongly record them. Since our conscious mind cannot process every stimulus perceived by our senses, we consciously process only the perceptions that align with what is important to us. Every other stimulus goes directly to our subconscious mind. Day after day our Map of Life is reinforced by experiences that align with what we expect will happen.

Every person has its own Map of Life, and it is different from everyone else’s. This is not either good or bad, it just is. Of course there are similarities between one person and another, especially with those who we consider our own. Mentally sane people do not want to change, this way our mind keeps us being who we are. However, there are those aspects of our lives that we do not like and need to be modified. This does not mean we have to turn into a completely different person by changing every characteristic of who we are, we only need to work on a few aspects in order to obtain great improvements in our lives. The difficulty lies upon the same mechanisms that our mind uses to keep us being who we are, these will not let us change even into what would be beneficial for us.

Imagine an airplane’s autopilot. No matter how hard the pilot (the conscious mind) tries to change course, the autopilot (the subconscious mind) will follow the established bearing. Instead of applying our willpower to change the course, which will eventually be ineffective, we shall use it to make the autopilot pursue a new heading. As our subconscious mind accepts the new definitions, our Map of Life is updated and our behaviour is changed. As James Newman said: “Ever lasting change begins within ourselves and finds its way out”.

BeLive gives you the methodology to identify these few aspects of your life that you want to change and the tools required to redefine the beliefs that will change your behaviour. You establish who you want to be so you can live the life you want to live.