Did you know that we all have the tools to transform our thoughts into actions? BeLive is a program that allows you to understand and use the tools to turn your potential into results. This course offers tools and techniques for you to understand the thought process and apply it in your personal and professional life.

You can identify priorities, strengthen your self-esteem and clearly define your goals and objectives, positively impacting on various aspects of your life, achieving balance in your environment.

It is an online course based on cognitive psychology and social theories. The foundations of this program have been broadcasted around the world to millions of people from small business owners to international corporate executives, housewives, students, clergy, political leaders, elite athletes, among others.

BeLive consists of 18 units, along to which you go deeper into diverse topics to help you understand how the mind works. Each unit consists of a video, a reinforcement exercise, and a reflection that will help you develop different skills and qualities you already possess. The duration of the course is 24 hours, differed to 21 days, and it is aimed at people over 16 years. You can have access to BeLive everywhere, anytime with Internet connexion.

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