Universal Universal Configurable Enterprise Application

Our clients’ operations are supported at every moment by LOVIS EOS, the first universal, configurable, ready-to-use enterprise application software. Every process is parameterised at the time of implementation, according to the country, size and sectors your company belongs to. As your organisation evolves, LOVIS EOS parameters are adjusted in a simple, effective process. This way technology becomes an ally in reaching your present and future goals.

Database On-Line Integrated Transactional Operation

As your organisation is one and the same, so is LOVIS EOS. Every transaction is made into the application by the person in your organisation that really knows what is going on. The information that reflects this transaction enters the database naturally, it is validated against, and its effects are applied upon, all related transactions. Aggregate data calculations are performed immediately, this way all the information within the database is valid, integral and up-to-date at every single moment.

Continuous Real-Time Operation Continuous Real-Time Operation

To deliver continuous operation, LOVIS EOS got rid of monthly accounting closing procedures that could stop or delay the company’s operation, as well as those heavy data-warehouse creation processes, with the burden and uncertainty that they impose. This allows every member of your staff to perform its duties on LOVIS EOS at the moment those transactional events are happening, and everyone else can do their job on a timely fashion. Your company operates continuously and synchronised, boosting productivity and improving wellbeing, which creates more wealth for the organisation and its members.

Accounting Accounting Information Derived from Transactional Information

LOVIS EOS derives everyday all accounting records from the information created by the transactional processes performed by the users. As a result, Financial Statements are available at every moment for any level and combination of Business Units and Projects, updated to the previous day or even to the most recent transaction. Now, accounting information reflects the company’s transactional operations; your strategic, tactical and operating decisions are based on the same information, which reflects appropriately the reality of the organisation’s performance.

Cloud-based Cloud-based

High performance businesses require high performance solutions. Cloud-Based LOVIS EOS allows your organisation to operate 24/7 from any device, at any given time and anywhere in the world you might be. Our DOD Level 6 Security and Uptime Institute Tier IV Availability certifications give you the dependability and peace of mind that your organisation requires to move ahead of your competitors, with less than a seventh of the carbon footprint of other Enterprise Applications. Your processes implementation project begins at day one, since you do not have to spend your money, time or energy into expensive IT platforms, software licensing, nor custom programming. Moreover, you are not tied to any forced term and, in the unlikely case you want to leave us, there are no penalisations whatsoever.